Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Commission Information for Paintings

Mount Ranier Early Morning Photo

Commissioning A Painting Online is Easy!

There are many fine artists who promote their work through their Blog and websites.
But maybe you have a very special painting in mind...
Perhaps it's a particular scene... or more likely it's a portrait of a friend, pet or loved one.
Commissioning artwork has always had its challenges. Once you give the artist instructions, you're often left wondering (and worrying!) through the process. Then one day you receive the call you have been waiting on; the portrait is ready.
It's a scary time. You don't know what to expect. Have your instructions been followed by the artist? did they understand your instructions? Did they do a great job?
Dealing with artists online makes ordering a commissioned painting easier than ever before!
Long gone is the angst, trepidation and drama associated with commissioning a work... and then being less than impressed when you see the final result.
It might be that the artist you have asked to create the painting lives in another state. Or even further away. And here is the real value of dealing with an artist through their Blog.
Online, the artist can post step-by-step images of your painting, as it's progressing!
Or you can be emailed images, showing every step of the painting's development.
Why is this so important? What makes the idea so special?
You will be able to see the work, and make adjustments, suggestions and offer additional information to the artist as the painting proceeds!
Artists want your feedback, but sometimes in the past, the tyranny of distance has made that impossible.
Now communicating your requests takes moments.
The last thing you want when you see the finished painting is to be disappointed.
By working with an artist who will post the step-by-step stages of your commission, there are no more surprises. You can be assured the work will be first-class... and you can be assured the work will be exactly what you wanted! Thank you T Moffit

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